Sneak Peek Passport

by Intended Immigration

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With this eclectic mix of eight songs spanning a wide and rich palette of Euro Lounge stylings, ‘Intended Immigration’ takes the listener on a “voyage de surprise” through several countries and decades.

Top notch production and a deep passion for groove go hand in hand with a certain “je ne sais quoi” of “joie de vivre” and cheeky romance.
It’s a seriously grooving blend of lounge, electronica, jazz, chanson and electro pop that does not take itself too seriously.

‘Sneak Peek Passport’ includes a border-crossing collection of songs that can only come from someone who grew up in the heart of Europe in this smallest of countries that shares borders, cultures and languages with many neighbours such as France, Italy and Germany, all while maintaining a unique individuality: Switzerland.

The music’s infectious lightheartedness puts a smile on your face while your toes can’t stop tapping.

Go ahead, immigrate into the realm of ‘Intended Immigration’. All passports are accepted.


released January 5, 2010



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Track Name: Un Plat Qui Plait
Moi, j’ai fait un plat qui plaît
A tous les gens de la France
Veux-tu savoir ce que c’est

Mon plat qui plaît est un secret
Tu n’as pas beaucoup de chance
Devine bien avec ton nez

Ça sent bon, bon, bon
Ça sent si bon
Ça sent bon, bon, bon
Mais pas longtemps

Mon plat qui plaît s’est fait mangé
Il ne reste qu’une seule tranche
Disparu et terminé

Je m’ souviens plus comment j’ai pu
Faire un plat qui plaît tant
Tellement riche mais pas trop lourd

Mais pour finir je peux te dire
Pourquoi ça sentait si bon
J’ai bien fait mon plat au four

Ça sentait bon, bon, bon
Sentait si bon
Bon, bon, bon
Il y a longtemps

Mais l’ingrédient le plus important
Je m’ souviens d’ ça pour toujours
C’était un grand bol d’amour

English translation
“Un Plat Qui Plaît” A well-liked dish

I have made a dish that is well-liked
By all the people of France
Would you like to know what it is

My well-liked dish is a secret
You’re not very lucky
Take a guess with your nose

It smells good, good, good

It smells so good
It smells good, good, good
But not for long

My well-liked dish was eaten
Not a single slice is left
Disappeared and finished

I don’t recall how I was able
To make such a well-liked dish
So rich and yet not too heavy

But, finally, I can tell you
Why it smelled so good
I made my dish in the oven

It smelled good, good, good
Smelled so good
Good, good, good
A long time ago

But the most important ingredient
I will always remember
It was a large bowl of love